Medium (1985)


The movie Medium (1985) is a supernatural horror film directed by Fred Dickson. The movie Medium (1985) follows a psychic who helps police investigate a series of child murders but discovers an evil force is behind the killings.

Alexandra, a renowned psychic medium, uses her abilities to assist the police on difficult cases. When a serial child murderer nicknamed the “Teddy Bear Killer” claims more victims, she lends her skills to try stopping him. As Alexandra has visions providing clues, the killings continue across the state.

During a seance, Alexandra makes contact with the killer’s victims and learns the murders involve occult rituals.


  • Traci Cartland
  • Nancy Clancy
  • John Deman
  • Virginia Hungerford
  • Barry Conrad


It was shot in Maryland on a budget of only $40,000.

Director Fred Dickson was a professor of film at Towson University.

Traci Cartland was an actress and news reporter in Baltimore.


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