Metamorphosis (1990)


The movie Metamorphosis (1990) is a sci-fi horror film directed by Glenn Takajian. It follows a genetics research experiment that goes awry, causing a scientist to slowly mutate into a insect-like monster.

The movie Metamorphosis (1990) centers on Dr. Peter Houseman, played by Gene LeBrock, a scientist working on regenerative cell research. When he tests an experimental serum on himself, he begins a painful transformation. Houseman starts sprouting insect-like appendages, his skin hardens, and his mental state becomes unstable.

As the metamorphosis progresses, Houseman develops cravings for sugars and raw meats. He hides his changes from his girlfriend Linda and colleague Barbara through lies and secrecy. The movie Metamorphosis (1990) builds to a climax as the now mostly transformed Houseman escapes the lab into the woods, where he ends up battling a group of unsuspecting teenagers camping in the area.

Shooting on a small budget, The movie Metamorphosis (1990) uses basic practical effects to achieve Houseman’s metamorphosis from man to giant insect. The ending leaves it open for a rumored, but never filmed, sequel.


  • Gene LeBrock as Dr. Peter Houseman
  • Catherine Baranov as Linda
  • Barbara Alyn Woods as Barbara
  • Page Burkholder as Houseman’s Assistant


– The movie Metamorphosis (1990) was filmed in Los Angeles on a budget less than $500,000.
– All creature effects were done through rigorous prosthetics work over 12 weeks.
– Director Glenn Takajian never completed another feature film after this one.
– The original working title was tentatively Blood of the Mantis before becoming Metamorphosis.
– Makeup artist Kenny Myers went uncredited for his contributions.


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