Midnight Ride (1990)


The movie Midnight Ride (1990) is a slasher horror film directed by Bob Bralver. It follows a radio DJ being stalked by a maniacal killer seeking revenge for the death of a woman.

The movie Midnight Ride (1990) centers around Justin Mackey, played by Michael Dudikoff, a late night radio DJ who starts getting disturbing calls on air from someone threatening to kill him. He soon realizes the caller is the husband of a woman who was killed after Justin accidentally set her on fire during a prank gone wrong years before.

The vengeful widower begins murdering people around Justin and taunting him about the deadly fire. Justin’s girlfriend Tracy and his radio producer Daryn uncover clues about the killer’s identity and motives traced back to the fateful prank. As the body count rises, The movie Midnight Ride (1990) builds to an explosive finale at the radio station where Justin confronts the crazed husband in a life or death showdown.


  • Michael Dudikoff as Justin Mackey
  • Mark Hamill
  • Robert Mitchum


– Filmed in Vancouver, Canada on a modest budget.
– Director Bob Bralver worked mostly in television.
– One of Michael Dudikoff’s few lead roles in a horror film.
– Used state of the art radio broadcast equipment for authenticity.
– Originally titled “Midnight Killer” before release.


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