Mirror Mirror (1990)


The movie Mirror Mirror (1990) is a supernatural horror film directed by Marina Sargenti. It follows a teen outcast named Megan who becomes possessed by the spirit of a dead girl and starts taking revenge on classmates who bullied them both.

The movie Mirror Mirror (1990) opens with an introduction to Megan Gordon, played by Rainbow Harvest, described as a strange goth girl who is routinely mocked and tormented at school. After being humiliated at a party, Megan flees to a nearby cemetery where she sees visions of a girl’s brutal murder from decades earlier.

Megan becomes increasingly overwhelmed by the girl’s vengeful spirit. The movie Mirror Mirror (1990) shows Megan slowly turning on her bullies in violent ways, such as making a boy who taunted her graphically injure himself. At home, Megan’s personality changes alarm her brother and grandmother as she starts dressing differently and embracing her rage.

In the climactic prom scene, The movie Mirror Mirror (1990) culminates in full-on possession with “Megan” exacting brutal revenge on all those who wronged her over the years. The film ends with Megan implied to be institutionalized while the freed spirit triumphantly walks away into the night.


  • Rainbow Harvest as Megan Gordon
  • Karen Black as Mrs. Gordon
  • William Sanderson as Phil
  • Yvonne De Carlo as Grandmother Gordon


– Shot in Santa Fe, New Mexico on a budget around $1 million.
– Rainbow Harvest was discovered locally through open casting calls.
– Director Marina Sargenti also helmed the 1984 film Ghostkeeper.
– The house from the film is a converted sanitarium and massage parlor.
– Karen Black sings the film’s eerie end credits song “Lost Souls.”


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