Mister Frost (1990)


The movie Mister Frost (1990) is a supernatural thriller directed by Philip Setbon. It follows a police investigator who suspects a mysterious vagrant of being more than he appears.

The movie Mister Frost (1990) opens with police inspector William Frost, played by Jeff Goldblum, discovering the frozen bodies of a wealthy couple murdered in their home. Detective Inspector Welles is put on the case and his investigation soon focuses on the strange Mr. Frost living nearby.

The more Welles looks into Frost, the more he becomes convinced the enigmatic man possesses supernatural abilities. Frost exhibits powers over the weather and hypnotic persuasion over others. The movie Mister Frost (1990) slowly reveals Frost’s true sinister motivations through a series of cat-and-mouse encounters between the detective and the possible inhuman entity.

Welles becomes obsessed with proving Frost is no ordinary murderer. But the closer he gets to the truth, the more Welles risks falling under Frost’s influence. The movie Mister Frost (1990) builds to a dramatic climax as the inspector finally gathers irrefutable evidence that Frost is the living embodiment of evil itself.


  • Jeff Goldblum as Mr. Frost
  • Alan Bates as Inspector Welles
  • Kathy Baker as Sarah Day
  • Jean-Pierre Cassel as Dr. Philippe


– Based on a novel by Daniel Phillips.
– Completed in 1990 but not released theatrically until 2007.
– Most of Jeff Goldblum’s scenes were shot in only 5 days.
– Director Setbon died one year before the film’s release.
– Score composed by Trevor Jones who also scored Labyrinth.


Certified Forgotten


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