Mom (1991)


Mom (1991) is a horror comedy film directed by Patrick Rand and written by Patrick Rand and Kevin Watson. The movie stars Mark Thomas Miller, Jeanne Bates, Brion James, Mary Beth McDonough, and Art Evans. During a time when the city of Los Angeles is terrorized by animal attack style murders, a kindly elderly lady provides a nomad with room and board. It turns out that he is a werewolf and is responsible for the recent killings. He bites the elderly woman, turning her into a hungry werewolf. Now her adult son must try to prevent the both of them from doing any more harm.


  • Mark Thomas Miller as Clay Dwyer
  • Jeanne Bates as Emily Dwyer
  • Brion James as Nestor Duvalier
  • Mary Beth McDonough as Alice (credited as Mary McDonough)
  • Art Evans as Lt. Hendrix


Actor Maray Ayres who plays Carla in Mom (1991) is a licensed dog trainer and trained the bulldog, named Leroy, for the film 1.


Mom (1991) has a 5.2/10 rating on IMDb based on 853 user ratings 1. A review by Reel Reviews describes it as “a refreshingly original take on the werewolf/vampire/zombie mythos” 2. A review by describes it as “a new horror movie, comedy movie” 3.


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