Monster Dog (1984)


The movie Monster Dog (1984) is a Spanish horror film directed by Claudio Fragasso and starring Alice Cooper, Victoria Vera, and Carlos Santurio[2]. The film follows the story of Vince Raven, a rock star who returns to his childhood home to shoot a music video. However, he and his crew are met with hostility from the townspeople who are afraid of a legendary monster dog that is said to roam the area[1].

As the movie progresses, Vince and his crew begin to experience strange occurrences and visions, leading them to believe that the monster dog is real and hunting them down. They seek the help of a local sheriff, who tries to uncover the truth behind the legend and prevent further harm[5].


  • Alice Cooper as Vince Raven
  • Victoria Vera as Sandra
  • Carlos Santurio as Tony
  • Pepa Sarsa as Maria
  • Emilio Linder as Mayor


  • The movie was directed by Claudio Fragasso, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Rossella Drudi.
  • Monster Dog was Alice Cooper’s first and only starring role in a horror film.
  • The film was shot in Torrelodones, Spain.



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