Mortuary (1983)


The movie Mortuary (1983) follows a family who move into a mortuary where a sinister supernatural force resides that causes people to go insane and commit murders.

Widower Bill Andrews relocates with his two teenage children, Christie and Bobby, to a small town to start working in a mortuary. Strange occurrences begin plaguing the family, including visions of corpses rising and ghosts of past residents.

The movie Mortuary (1983) shows an evil presence infecting townspeople’s minds, driving them to commit horrific murders while in a possessed trance. Bill’s daughter Christie starts discovering the mortuary’s dark history and the malevolent entity that haunts it.

Christie learns the evil force can possess the living and make them its puppets. As it gains power, more crazed murders occur around town. In the terrifying climax inside the mortuary, Christie confronts the sinister entity but it fully possesses her father.

Wielding a knife, the possessed Bill chases Christie until her brother stops him. The movie Mortuary (1983) ends with the evil still lurking within the cursed mortuary where it was formed years before.


  • Bill Paxton as Paul Andrews
  • Lynda Day George as Christie Andrews
  • Mary Beth McDonough as Christie Andrews
  • David Wallace as Hank Andrews
  • Chuck Rambicure as The Force


The executive producer was Michael Berryman who starred in The Hills Have Eyes (1977).

Director Howard Avedis also made the film Nowhere to Hide (1977).

Some scenes were filmed at the historic Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills.


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