Mother's Day (1980)


The movie Mother’s Day (1980) is a rape and revenge slasher film directed by Charles Kaufman. The plot focuses on three women who go on a camping excursion and become victims of two deranged and murderous young men and their unhinged mother. The film combines elements of satire, thriller, and slasher genres.

The movie Mother’s Day (1980) follows the three women as they are captured and subjected to brutal and sadistic treatment by the deranged family. The women must find a way to survive and seek revenge against their tormentors. The film explores themes of survival and vengeance.

The movie Mother’s Day (1980) gained notoriety of the exploitation genre and has become a cult classic among many fans.


  • Nancy Hendrickson as Abbey
  • Deborah Luce as Jackie
  • Tiana Pierce as Trina
  • Holden McGuire as Ike
  • Billy Ray McQuade as Addley


  • Mother’s Day (1980) was directed by Charles Kaufman, the brother of Troma Entertainment co-founder Lloyd Kaufman.
  • The film was produced on a low budget of $115,000.
  • Mother’s Day (1980) received a remake directed by Darren Lynn Bousman and produced by Brett Ratner in 2010.



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