Next of Kin (1982)


The movie Next of Kin (1982) is a horror film directed by Tony Williams. The story follows Linda, a young woman who inherits a retirement home called Montclare from her deceased mother. Linda decides to move into the home to oversee its operations and take care of the elderly residents. However, strange and unsettling events begin to occur at Montclare, leading Linda to suspect that something sinister is happening.

The movie Next of Kin (1982) explores the supernatural occurrences and dark secrets surrounding Montclare. As Linda delves deeper into the history of the home, she uncovers a series of mysterious deaths and a connection to her own family’s past. She becomes convinced that the spirits of the deceased residents are haunting the home and seeking revenge.

As the movie progresses, Linda’s sanity is tested as she confronts the malevolent forces within Montclare. She must unravel the truth behind the hauntings and find a way to protect herself and the remaining residents from the vengeful spirits.


  • Jacki Kerin as Linda Stevens
  • John Jarratt as Barney
  • Alex Scott as Connie
  • Gerda Nicolson as Mrs. Ryan
  • Charles McCallum as Dr. Barton
  • Robert Ratti as George


  • The movie Next of Kin (1982) was filmed in Australia and was a co-production between Australia and New Zealand.
  • The film was originally released as a low-budget horror film but has gained a cult following over the years for its atmospheric tension and unique storytelling.
  • Next of Kin was remade in 2018 with the same title, directed by Tony Williams’ son, Jonathan.
  • The film’s score was composed by Klaus Schulze, a German electronic music pioneer.



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