Night of Death (1980)


Night of Death (1980) is a French horror film directed by Raphaël Delpard. The movie follows the story of Martine, a young nurse who starts working at Deadlock House, a secluded retirement home in the French countryside. However, from the beginning, Martine realizes that something is not right at the facility.

As Martine settles into her new job, she discovers that several caretakers at Deadlock House have mysteriously disappeared without a trace. This raises her suspicions, and she begins to investigate the strange occurrences happening within the retirement home.

As Martine delves deeper into the dark secrets of Deadlock House, she uncovers a horrifying truth. The elderly residents of the home are not what they seem. They are not ordinary retirees but rather supernatural beings with a thirst for blood.

Caught in a nightmarish situation, Martine must find a way to survive and escape the clutches of the malevolent residents. She must navigate the treacherous corridors of Deadlock House, evading the supernatural forces that seek to claim her life.

With its eerie atmosphere and suspenseful plot, Night of Death (1980) takes viewers on a terrifying journey into the heart of a retirement home plagued by supernatural forces. The movie explores themes of isolation, aging, and the darkness that can lurk behind seemingly peaceful facades.


  • Isabelle Goguey as Martine
  • Charlotte de Turckheim as Hélène
  • Michel Flavius as Dr. Valois
  • Michel Michel as Paul
  • Michel Robbe as The Director


  • The film is also known by its French title “La Nuit de la Mort!”
  • Director Raphaël Delpard infuses the movie with dark humor and unexpected twists.
  • Night of Death (1980) explores the horror genre through the lens of a retirement home, offering a unique and unsettling setting for the story.



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