Night of the Comet (1984)


The movie Night of the Comet (1984) is set after a comet passes close to Earth, which kills most humans but turns others into zombies.

Teenager Regina sees the comet overhead before going to sleep. When she wakes, she finds most people have disintegrated into red dust. She soon learns her sister Samantha and others who took shelter during the comet’s passing are still alive but crave flesh.

The movie Night of the Comet (1984) follows Regina and Samantha as they fight off zombified stock boys at a mall. They then encounter a scientist who reveals they can destroy the zombies with electricity. He’s killed by a sinister group of scientists who want to experiment on the girls.

After narrowly escaping, Regina and Samantha battle more flesh-hungry zombies in the streets before setting a trap to destroy them with an electrical grid at the mall. The movie ends with the sisters triumphant but still among the last survivors.


  • Catherine Mary Stewart as Regina Belmont
  • Kelli Maroney as Samantha Belmont
  • Robert Beltran as Hector Gomez
  • Sharon Farrell as Doris
  • Mary Woronov as Audrey White


The title references the book/film Night of the Living Dead.

Scenes were shot at the Sherman Oaks Galleria mall in California.

Writer/director Thom Eberhardt later created the film Sole Survivor.


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