Night of the Zombies (1981)


The movie Night of the Zombies (1981) is a horror film directed by Joel M. Reed. The story follows a group of investigators who are searching for missing soldiers’ bodies. As they delve deeper into their investigation, they begin to hear rumors about the existence of zombies. Initially dismissing these rumors, the investigators decide to explore further and uncover the truth behind the mysterious occurrences.


  • James Carroll as Lt. Mike London
  • Tom Cantrell as Sgt. Jonathan Rennick
  • Todd Davis as Pvt. Billy Kellerman
  • David Kirk as Pvt. Danny Coogan
  • Sam Nicotero as Pvt. Tony Rennick
  • John Matuszak as Sgt. Masterson
  • Michael J. Reed as Pvt. Ralph Warner


  • The movie Night of the Zombies (1981) is also known as “Hell of the Living Dead” or “Virus” in some regions.
  • The film was shot in both the United States and Italy.
  • Night of the Zombies is often criticized for its low-budget production values and cheesy special effects.



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