Night Train to Terror (1985)


The movie Night Train to Terror (1985) is a horror anthology film consisting of three shortened horror tales linked together by a wraparound story. The movie Night Train to Terror (1985) opens with God and Satan on a train, reviewing the stories of three individuals and deciding their fates.

The first story follows a mad surgeon who becomes obsessed with making a human with body parts from other people. The second is about a death cult led by a sinister woman who can turn into vines. The third is about a rock band whose agent makes a deal with the devil that leads to dire consequences.


  • Richard Moll as God
  • Laura Harring as The Devil
  • John Phillip Law as Steele
  • Cameron Mitchell as Dr. Fargo
  • Sharon Ratcliff as Claire Hansen


The three horror tales were taken from other unfinished and unreleased films.

Actor Richard Moll is best known for playing the character Bull on the TV sitcom Night Court.

Much of the movie contains stock footage not filmed specifically for this production.



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