Nightbeast (1982)


The movie Nightbeast (1982) begins with a small alien spaceship crashing in the town of Perry Hall after being struck by an asteroid. The pilot emerges and begins attacking residents with a disintegrator ray.

The county sheriff Cinder confronts the alien beast but finds it is invulnerable to bullets. After losing many men, they disable the disintegrator. However, the beast continues its rampage, including killing the mayor’s secretary.

Doctor Steven Price devises a plan to electrocute the beast using power lines. Though it works initially, the beast returns to kill more townspeople. Jamie suggests using a high-voltage coil from the power plant to destroy it.

In the climax of the movie Nightbeast (1982), the sheriff and his men set an electrical trap using the coil. As the beast approaches, Jamie heroically holds the live wire to trap it inside the current. They discharge the massive voltage, making the beast explode and saving the town.

Throughout the movie Nightbeast (1982), the small-town police force is overwhelmed by the alien creature and its advanced technology. They suffer heavy casualties before devising a way to turn the town’s power against it. The climax shows humanity’s ingenuity prevailing, but at a great cost.

With its simple plot and cheesy effects, the movie Nightbeast (1982) is a fun, schlocky sci-fi horror about people banding together against an invader from beyond the stars. Jamie’s sacrifice captures both the thrill and tragedy of battling an alien threat.


  • Tom Griffith as Sheriff Jack Cinder
  • Jamie Zemarel as Lisa Davis
  • Karin Kardian as Jane
  • George Stover as Drago
  • Don Leifert as Deputy Dale
  • Greg Dohler as Deputy Tony


  • The movie Nightbeast (1982) was filmed in Perry Hall, Maryland, on a budget of approximately $14,000.
  • The film features practical special effects, including creature makeup and gore effects.
  • Nightbeast gained a cult following over the years for its low-budget charm and entertaining blend of sci-fi and horror.
  • The movie was directed by Don Dohler, who was known for his independent horror films.



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