Pale Blood (1990)


The movie Pale Blood (1990) is a vampire horror film directed by V.V. Dhaddey and starring George Chakiris, Wings Hauser, and Pamela Ludwig. The movie follows Michael Fury, a private investigator hired by a mysterious woman to find a missing vampire clan.

The movie Pale Blood (1990) begins with Michael being approached by a woman named Vanessa who needs help locating her brother Edgar and his vampire coven. Michael’s investigation leads him to Hollywood where women are being killed and drained of their blood. He crosses paths with police detective Marie Curtis who is also investigating the murders. Michael discovers Edgar is trying to find and destroy the ancient vampire called Mother who turned him centuries ago.

Michael gets caught up in the battle between Edgar and Mother. Edgar believes killing Mother will free him and his coven from their bloodlust. Mother uses her psychic powers and seductive skills to control human slaves and other vampires. Michael and Marie work together, along with Edgar’s human servant Carl, to take down Mother’s vampire clan. The movie builds to a climax where Michael and Marie track Mother to her lair and destroy her in a final confrontation.

The movie Pale Blood (1990) combines neo noir detective story elements with vampire horror. While not a hit upon release, it has built a cult following.


  • George Chakiris as Edgar
  • Wings Hauser as Michael Fury
  • Pamela Ludwig as Mother
  • Bibi Besch as Vanessa
  • David Warner as Dr. Julian


  • Made on a budget of only $100,000.
  • Shot in Los Angeles in less than a month.
  • George Chakiris performed his own vampire makeup and effects.
  • Director V.V. Dhaddey is Indian and had never made an American film before.


  • Death Ray Dive calls it “a pulpy B-movie thrill ride.”
  • Eurocult AV says the “noir-tinged vampire tale delivers the blood soaked goods.”
  • DVD Drive-In praises the atmosphere but wanted more vampire action.


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