Pandemonium (1982)


The movie Pandemonium (1982) is an American parody slasher film directed by Alfred Sole. The story takes place at Bambi’s cheerleading camp, which reopens after a series of bizarre murders occurred years ago. As the camp resumes, a new string of murders begins, targeting the cheerleaders and staff members.

The movie Pandemonium (1982) is set in the fictional Indiana town of It Had To Be, where the local university wins the 1963 football championship. Afterwards, shunned cheerleader Bambi pines after star player Blue Grange in the locker room.

Soon, five cheerleaders are gruesomely murdered on the field by an unknown killer. As a result, the summer cheer camp is closed down until 1982 when Bambi reopens it as the instructor. She is warned the camp is cursed but proceeds anyway.

Various oddball cheerleaders converge for the reopened camp, including Candy who levitates her mother with her eyes. Also arriving are Glenn, Mandy, Sandy, Andy and Randy. They train under Bambi, unaware a figure is stalking them.

Mountie Sgt. Cooper investigates, falling for Candy. Meanwhile, Glenn and Mandy are killed in bizarre accidents. Candy is also attacked but Cooper interrupts the killer – escaped convict Jarrett, working with Dr. Fuller to make furniture from victims.

The movie Pandemonium (1982) continues as more cheerleaders are gruesomely murdered, including Bambi drowned in milk. Sandy, Andy and Randy also meet gory ends during strip poker. The killer finally reveals himself as Grange, who secretly wanted to be a cheerleader.

In the insane climax, Candy defeats Grange using her eye beams and a statue of him. She rides off with Cooper, surviving the cheer camp’s deadly curse.

With its wacky characters and over-the-top murders, the movie Pandemonium (1982) delivers a horror comedy spoof brimming with laughs and gore. Candy’s triumph over the demented Grange provides a gleefully campy coda.


  • Tom Smothers as Judge
  • Eileen Brennan as Candy
  • Phil Hartman as Reporter
  • Tab Hunter as Blue Grange
  • Carol Kane as Candy’s Mother
  • David Lander as Pepe


  • The movie Pandemonium (1982) was filmed in California, USA.
  • It features an ensemble cast of comedic actors, including Tom Smothers, Eileen Brennan, Phil Hartman, and Carol Kane.
  • Pandemonium parodies the slasher film genre, taking aim at the conventions and tropes commonly found in such films.
  • The film incorporates humor and absurdity into its depiction of the murders, offering a comedic twist on the typical slasher film formula.



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