Panic (1982)


The movie Panic (1982) is a Canadian horror film directed by Tonino Ricci. The film follows the story of a group of young people who are stranded on an island after their boat capsizes. They soon discover that the island is home to a mad scientist who has been conducting experiments on the island’s animals, turning them into giant, mutated monsters. The group must fight for their survival as they try to escape the island and the monsters that inhabit it.

The movie begins with a group of young people, including David, Janet, and Debbie, setting out on a boat trip. Their boat capsizes, and they are forced to swim to a nearby island for safety. Once on the island, they discover that it is home to a mad scientist named Dr. Karl, who has been conducting experiments on the island’s animals. The experiments have turned the animals into giant, mutated monsters that roam the island.

As the group tries to find a way off the island, they are hunted by the monsters and must fight for their survival. They soon discover that Dr. Karl has been using the monsters to conduct his experiments on humans as well, and they must fight to stop him before he can continue his work.


  • David – David Warbeck
  • Janet – Janet Agren
  • Debbie – Eva Grimaldi
  • Dr. Karl – Ivan Rassimov
  • Mark – John Steiner
  • George – Saverio Vallone


  • The movie Panic (1982) was filmed on location in the Caribbean.
  • The film was directed by Tonino Ricci, who is best known for his work in the Italian film industry.
  • The movie features a number of giant, mutated monsters that were created using special effects and animatronics.
  • The film was released on DVD in 2003.



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