Panic Beats (1983)


Paul Marnac plots to frighten his weak-hearted wife Genevieve to death by bringing her to his old ancestral mansion. He spreads legends that the home is haunted by his murderous 15th century ancestor Alaric de Marnac.

Paul disguises himself as the ghost of Alaric to scare Genevieve, while carrying on an affair with his young maid Julie. His plan succeeds in terrifying Genevieve to death.

After Paul marries Julie, she then electrocutes him in the bathtub, leaving her in control. However, Julie realizes too late that the legends were true – the real monster Alaric returns to gruesomely kill her in revenge.

With its castle setting and murderous knight premise, the movie crafts a haunting tale of supernatural vengeance. Paul and Julie’s scheming to terrify and murder is punished when the true terror of Alaric is unleashed.


  • Paul Naschy as Paul
  • Julia Saly as Julie
  • Frances Ondiviela as Karen
  • Berta Ojeda as Elena
  • Silvia Aguilar as Irenka


It is part of Spanish horror icon Paul Naschy’s “Waldemar Daninsky” werewolf series.

The film was shot at a 14th century castle in Spain.

The director was Juan Piquer Simón.


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