Phenomena (1985)


The movie Phenomena (1985) follows a teenage girl attending a remote Swiss boarding school who uses her ability to psychically communicate with insects to pursue a serial killer.

Jennifer is the new student at a Swiss girls academy where students are being murdered by a serial killer. She soon discovers she can telepathically control insects which may help her find the killer.

The movie Phenomena (1985) shows Jennifer using her psychic link with flies to track down clues linked to the murders. She partners with local entomologist John McGregor to follow the trail of flies and locusts toward answers.

Their search leads Jennifer and John to an isolated cabin where the deformed killer lives. Jennifer uses her power to summon a massive insect swarm that consumes the killer, ending his murderous rampage.


  • Jennifer Connelly as Jennifer Corvino
  • Donald Pleasence as John McGregor
  • Daria Nicolodi as Frau Brückner
  • Dalila Di Lazzaro as Headmistress
  • Patrick Bauchau as Inspector Rudolf Geiger


It was titled Creepers in its US release.

The film featured a metal score by bands Goblin and Iron Maiden.

Director Dario Argento cut over 20 minutes for the US version.


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