Prom Night (1980)


The movie Prom Night (1980) is a Canadian slasher film directed by Paul Lynch. The story takes place at Hamilton High School, where a group of high school seniors is preparing for their prom night. However, the event takes a dark turn when a masked killer begins targeting the students, seeking vengeance for the accidental death of a young girl six years earlier.

The movie Prom Night (1980) follows the group of students as they become the victims of the masked killer’s wrath. The film combines elements of mystery, suspense, and horror.

The movie Prom Night (1980) features a standout performance by Jamie Lee Curtis, who had previously gained recognition as a scream queen in the film Halloween (1978).


  • Leslie Nielsen as Mr. Hammond
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Kim Hammond
  • Casey Stevens as Nick McBride
  • Eddie Benton as Wendy Richards
  • Michael Tough as Alex Hammond


  • Prom Night (1980) was one of the early entries in the slasher film genre, capitalizing on the success of Halloween (1978) and other similar films.
  • The film was shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and had a budget of $1.5 million.
  • Prom Night (1980) was a financial success, grossing over $14 million at the box office.



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