Psycho Beach Party (2000)


The movie Psycho Beach Party (2000) is a horror comedy directed by Robert Lee King. Set in 1962, it parodies beach party and slasher films. The story follows a teenage girl named Chicklet who develops multiple personalities.

Chicklet and her friends are part of the beach-going surf crowd, but Chicklet feels like an outsider unable to fit any of the typical 1960s female roles. When she develops multiple personality disorder, each persona allows her to play a different role. Meanwhile, a serial killer known as the Beachside Slasher is on the loose targeting teenagers on the beach.

As Chicklet’s personalities grow increasingly outlandish and dangerous, her friends think she is just acting out. But in reality, her repressed identities are taking revenge against those who have wronged her. The murders attributed to the Slasher are actually being committed by Chicklet’s most violent personality.

The movie Psycho Beach Party (2000) culminates at a beach party where Chicklet switches between her various personas, confounding those around her. In the chaos, the truth comes out about the Slasher’s real identity.


  • Lauren Ambrose as Chicklet Forrest
  • Thomas Gibson as Kanaka
  • Nicholas Brendon as Starcat
  • Kimberley Davies as Marvel Ann
  • Matt Keeslar as Provoloney


  • Based on a campy stage musical of the same name
  • Also heavily inspired by the film Gidget
  • Most of the beach scenes were filmed in Malibu
  • The movie struggled to find distribution at first


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