Psycho II (1983)


The movie Sleepaway Camp (1983) is a horror film and a sequel to the original Psycho (1960). The story takes place several years after the events of the first film. Norman Bates, who has been released from a mental institution, returns to his family’s motel and attempts to rebuild his life. However, as he tries to move on, he begins to experience disturbing visions and encounters strange occurrences that make him question his sanity.

The movie Sleepaway Camp (1983) follows Norman as he struggles to maintain his sanity and resist the urge to revert to his old ways. He forms a friendship with a young girl named Mary, who is staying at the motel with her family. As Norman tries to protect Mary from the dark forces that surround him, he becomes increasingly paranoid and fearful.

As the movie progresses, Norman’s grip on reality becomes more tenuous. He starts to see his mother, who was killed years ago, and begins to suspect that she is somehow still alive. As the line between reality and delusion blurs, Norman becomes convinced that he is being haunted by his mother’s spirit.

The movie Sleepaway Camp (1983) reaches its climax when Norman’s mother’s presence becomes overwhelming. He starts to lose control and succumbs to his violent impulses. In a shocking twist, it is revealed that Norman’s mother is not actually alive, but rather a manifestation of his own fractured psyche.

In the final moments of the film, Norman fully embraces his alter ego as “Mother” and commits a series of brutal murders. The movie ends with Norman sitting in a jail cell, fully consumed by his dual personalities and the horrors of his past.


  • Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates
  • Vera Miles as Lila Loomis
  • Meg Tilly as Mary Samuels
  • Robert Loggia as Dr. Bill Raymond
  • Dennis Franz as Warren Toomey


Director Richard Franklin had made the Hitchcock tribute Roadgames in 1981 to prove he could handle Psycho II.

The film used the original Psycho house sets which had been in storage at Universal Studios.

Makeup artist Tom Burman based Norman’s aged look on real photos of Anthony Perkins.


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