Rats: Night of Terror (1984)


The movie Rats: Night of Terror (1984) is an Italian post-apocalyptic film about a biker gang battling hordes of murderous rats in a deserted wasteland.

In the year 225 A.B. (After the Bomb), a scavenger biker gang explores an abandoned research facility. However, they soon find it overrun by thousands of oversized mutant rats intent on making them their prey.

The movie Rats: Night of Terror (1984) follows the ragtag bikers as they try fending off the ravenous rodents infesting every part of the facility. With limited ammo and dwindling numbers, they struggle to survive until morning against the unrelenting rat onslaught.

Trapped and picked off one by one, the terrified biker gang realizes too late the abandoned building contains the monstrous rats’ nest. As the sun rises, the few remaining bikers attempt one final escape from the deadly rat lair.


  • Ottaviano Dell’Acqua as Kurt
  • Ann-Gisel Glass as Chocolate
  • Geretta Geretta as Diana
  • Massimo Vanni as Lucifer


The film was shot in an abandoned hotel on Monte Circeo, Italy.

Director Bruno Mattei was known for low budget Italian genre movies.

Real rats were used in some limited scenes with actors.


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