Repossessed (1990)


The movie Repossessed (1990) is a parody horror film directed by Bob Logan and starring Leslie Nielsen, Linda Blair, and Ned Beatty. It spoofs the 1973 horror classic The Exorcist with slapstick comedy.

The movie Repossessed (1990) centers around Nancy Aglet who was once possessed by the demon spirit of Remlat. She underwent an exorcism on live TV when she was a teenager. Now happily married with kids, Nancy begins showing signs of being repossessed by the demon again. Terrible events start happening around her and she seeks the help of Father Luke Brophy.

Father Brophy teams up with Leslie Spencer, the exorcist who saved Nancy years before, to perform the exorcism again. However, the exorcism goes haywire when Remlat’s spirit keeps jumping into other people’s bodies. Slapstick chaos and cartoonish demonic possessions ensue. In the end, they manage to destroy the demon by chandelier. The movie ends on a happy note with Nancy’s family back to normal.

The movie Repossessed (1990) parodies scenes, characters, and iconic moments from The Exorcist for comedic effect.


  • Leslie Nielsen as Father Luke Brophy
  • Linda Blair as Nancy Aglet
  • Ned Beatty as Ernest Weller
  • Anthony Starke as Bob Aglet
  • Lana Schwab as Grace Tucci


  • Leslie Nielsen’s second parody film after Airplane!
  • Linda Blair consulted with a priest about mocking exorcism.
  • Many of the crew from Airplane! worked on this film.
  • Bob Logan wrote it as a spec script before getting it sold.



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