Satan's Slave (1982)


The movie Satan’s Slave (1982), also known as Pengabdi Setan, is an Indonesian horror film directed by Sisworo Gautama Putra. The story follows a wealthy family who have stopped practicing their Muslim faith and are tormented by the undead after their mother dies. The film explores themes of supernatural horror, family secrets, and the consequences of abandoning one’s religious beliefs.

The movie Satan’s Slave (1982) centers around the Salim family, who live in a secluded mansion. After the death of their mother, the family members begin experiencing strange and terrifying occurrences. The eldest daughter, Rini, becomes the primary target of the supernatural forces that haunt the house.

As the supernatural events escalate, Rini discovers that her mother made a pact with the devil before her death. The family’s refusal to practice their Muslim faith has left them vulnerable to the dark forces that seek to claim their souls. Rini must confront the evil presence and find a way to break the curse that has plagued her family.


  • Ruth Pelupessi as Rini
  • W.D. Mochtar as Mr. Salim
  • Simon Cader as Hendra
  • Siska Widowati as Tina
  • Advent Bangun as Tommy


  • The movie Satan’s Slave (1982) is a remake of the 1976 film of the same name directed by Norman J. Warren.
  • Satan’s Slave achieved cult status among fans of Asian horror films and is considered a classic of Indonesian horror cinema.
  • In 2020, a Blu-ray release of Satan’s Slave featured a new scan of the original negative and interviews with the producer, screenwriter, and remake director.



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