Saturday the 14th (1981)


The movie Saturday the 14th (1981) is a horror comedy that revolves around a family who moves into a haunted house. John and Mary, along with their two children, Debbie and Billy, inherit the house from John’s late uncle. Little do they know that the house is filled with supernatural creatures and cursed artifacts.

As the family settles into their new home, strange and eerie events begin to occur. They discover a mysterious book called “The Book of Evil” in the basement, which has the power to unleash all kinds of monsters and creatures. The family soon finds themselves battling against a vampire, a werewolf, a mummy, and other supernatural beings.

Desperate to save their family and rid themselves of the curse, John and Mary seek the help of Van Helsing, a vampire hunter. With Van Helsing’s guidance, they must find a way to defeat the creatures and close the portal that has allowed them into their world.


  • Richard Benjamin as John
  • Paula Prentiss as Mary
  • Jeffrey Tambor as Waldemar
  • Kari Michaelsen as Debbie
  • Kevin Brando as Billy


– Saturday the 14th (1981) is a parody of horror films, specifically the slasher genre[2].

– The film features various iconic horror creatures, including vampires, werewolves, and mummies[2].

– Despite receiving mixed reviews, the movie has gained a cult following over the years[5].

– The film’s title is a play on the popular horror film “Friday the 13th”[2].



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