Scalps (1983)


The movie Scalps (1983) is a horror film about six archeology students who head to the desert to search for Native American artifacts. They make the fatal mistake of trespassing on an ancient Indian burial ground. When they start digging, they unleash the spirit of Black Claw, a vengeful Native American who possesses one of them before killing all the rest. The spirit then proceeds to hunt down and kill anyone who comes near the burial ground.

The remaining students seek refuge in an abandoned house, but they are not safe there either. The spirit continues to torment and kill them one by one. The students soon realize that the only way to stop the spirit is to return the artifacts to the burial ground and perform a ritual to appease the angry spirits.


  • Jo-Ann Robinson as Chris
  • Richard Hench as Gary
  • Roger Maycock as Scott
  • Frank McDonald as Dan
  • Carol Sue Flockhart as Janet
  • Kirk Alyn as Old Indian


  • The “black trees” in the movie were actually a group of trees that had been recently charred by a brush fire on the ranch where filming was taking place[2].
  • The movie was shot in just 10 days[4].
  • The film was banned in the UK in the 1980s as part of the “video nasties” controversy[1].



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