Scanners (1981)


The movie Scanners (1981) is a Canadian science fiction horror film written and directed by David Cronenberg. The story is set in a world where some individuals, known as “scanners,” possess extraordinary telepathic and telekinetic powers. The movie Scanners (1981) follows the protagonist Cameron Vale, played by Stephen Lack, a scanner who is recruited by a private security firm called ConSec to help track down and control other scanners.

The movie Scanners (1981) explores the conflict between ConSec and a renegade scanner named Darryl Revok, played by Michael Ironside. Revok seeks to unite all scanners and wage a war against ConSec, believing that scanners should be free from control and exploitation. As Vale delves deeper into the world of scanners, he discovers a web of conspiracy and betrayal that threatens his own life and the fate of all scanners.

The movie Scanners (1981) showcases Cronenberg’s signature body horror style, with visceral scenes that depict the scanners’ powers and their impact on the human body. The film’s climax features a memorable and iconic scene in which Revok causes a rival scanner’s head to explode.


  • Stephen Lack as Cameron Vale
  • Jennifer O’Neill as Kim Obrist
  • Michael Ironside as Darryl Revok
  • Patrick McGoohan as Dr. Paul Ruth
  • Lawrence Dane as Braedon Keller


  • The movie Scanners (1981) was a breakthrough film for director David Cronenberg, bringing him wider recognition and establishing his reputation as a master of body horror.
  • The famous head explosion scene in the film was achieved using a combination of prosthetics, animatronics, and visual effects.
  • Scanners (1981) was followed by several sequels and spin-offs, expanding the mythology of the scanners.



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