Screamtime (1983)


The movie Screamtime (1983) is a British horror anthology film directed by Stanley Long. The film consists of three stories, each with its own unique twist. The first story, “Dreamhouse,” follows a couple who move into a new home and begin experiencing strange occurrences. The second story, “The Hunt,” follows a group of hunters who become the hunted when they enter a forest inhabited by a supernatural creature. The third story, “Do You Believe in Fairies?,” follows a man who discovers a magical fairy kingdom in his garden but soon realizes that the fairies are not as friendly as they seem.

The film is known for its unique take on the horror anthology genre and its use of practical effects to create the supernatural creatures. The film’s three stories are tied together by a framing device featuring a clown who introduces each story and provides commentary throughout the film.


  • Michael Gordon as the clown
  • Marie Scinto as the woman in “Dreamhouse”
  • John Nolan as the man in “Dreamhouse”
  • Robin Bailey as the hunter in “The Hunt”
  • Barbara Kellerman as the fairy queen in “Do You Believe in Fairies?”
  • Tricia Newby as the woman in “Do You Believe in Fairies?”


One interesting piece of trivia about Screamtime (1983) is that the film was originally intended to be a television series. However, the series was never produced, and the three completed episodes were edited together to create the film.



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