Sex & Gender Horror

Sex and gender are important themes in horror that have been explored in various forms of entertainment, including movies, TV shows, and books. Gender representation in horror films has been the subject of critical commentary. It also has become a focus of many horror titles, especially in the past 30 years.

Horror has often been criticized for its portrayal of women as helpless victims who are subjected to violence and sexual assault. However, there has been a recent trend in horror towards empowering female characters and subverting traditional gender roles.

In addition to gender representation, horror has also explored themes of sexuality and sexual identity. Horror fiction can often focus on LGBTQ+ characters and themes within various forms of media. It may deal with characters who are coded as or who are openly LGBTQ+, or it may deal with themes or plots that are specific to gender and sexual minorities.

Another common facet of this subgenre explores sexuality in horror, or erotic horror. Erotic horror combines elements of horror and erotica. It often features explicit sexual content and explores themes of desire, lust, and temptation.

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