Silver Bullet (1985)


The movie Silver Bullet (1985) is based on Stephen King’s novella Cycle of the Werewolf, following a werewolf terrorizing a small town.

In the town of Tarker’s Mill, a werewolf lurks in the surrounding Maine wilderness, periodically killing townspeople during full moons. Young paraplegic Marty and his sister Jane find themselves in the middle of the bloody events.

The movie Silver Bullet (1985) follows Marty and Jane investigating clues pointing to local Reverend Lowe as the werewolf. When Marty is attacked by the werewolf, he and his uncle modify his wheelchair into a machine he dubs the “silver bullet” to stop the monster.

During the next full moon, Marty confronts the werewolf Reverend when he shoots it with a silver bullet just as it transforms back into human form, killing it.


  • Corey Haim as Marty Coslaw
  • Megan Follows as Jane Coslaw
  • Gary Busey as Uncle Red
  • Everett McGill as Reverend Lowe
  • Robin Groves as Stella Randolph


The werewolf was designed by Carlo Rambaldi who worked on E.T.

It was filmed on location in Maine.

The novella was published in a collection called Cycle of the Werewolf.


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