Singapore Sling (1990)


The movie Singapore Sling (1990) is a Greek art house horror film directed by Nikos Nikolaidis. It stars Meredyth Herold as a mute woman held captive by a sadistic killer named Singapore Sling.

The movie Singapore Sling (1990) opens with Singapore Sling bringing an unconscious woman named Laura to his decrepit mansion. He has kidnapped her after murdering her lover. Singapore Sling begins psychologically and physically torturing Laura while keeping her tied up. Laura is unable to speak after a past trauma, rendering her mute.

It is revealed through fragmented flashbacks that Singapore Sling is a serial killer who murders women to reenact perverse fantasies based on his mother’s abuse during his childhood. Laura forms a strange codependent relationship with her captor as a means of survival. The movie descends into further depravity as Laura becomes an active participant in Singapore Sling’s rituals.

The movie Singapore Sling (1990) culminates in a bloody climax where Laura kills Singapore Sling. She assumes his identity and continues his murderous acts.


  • Meredyth Herold as Laura/Singapore Sling
  • Panos Thanassoulis as Singapore Sling
  • Michele Valley as Michelle
  • Evelyna Stefani as Boo Boo/Veronica
  • George Zlatarev as Old Man


  • Banned in several countries due to violent and sexual content.
  • Director Nikolaidis appears in a cameo role.
  • The movie references detective novelist Mickey Spillane.
  • Shot on location in Athens, Greece.



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