Skinned Alive (1990)


The movie Skinned Alive (1990) is a low-budget horror film directed by Jon Killough and starring Scott Spiegel and Mary Jackson. It follows a family targeted by a deranged man intent on using their skin to cover his own deformities.

The movie Skinned Alive (1990) introduces the Jamesons, a family who relocates to an isolated rural town. Local outcast Henry Sutherland becomes obsessed with beautiful daughter Susan Jameson. Henry murders Susan’s boyfriend in a jealous rage and begins stalking the family. Meanwhile, Susan’s brother Phil discovers Henry has been stitching human skin onto his own deformed body.

Henry kidnaps Susan and takes her back to his farm. He explains he wants to skin her alive to graft her flawless skin onto his body. Susan’s family tries to find her, but Henry skins her brother Phil instead when he tracks them down. The movie builds to a climax where Susan’s father finally rescues her, leading to a violent confrontation with Henry that ends in his gruesome death.


  • Scott Spiegel as Henry
  • Mary Jackson as Susan Jameson
  • Lisa Solod as Gloria Jameson
  • Claude Earl Jones as Edward Jameson
  • Aaron Kay as Phil Jameson


  • Made on a budget of only $35,000.
  • Director Jon Killough never made another film after this.
  • The props included gallons of fake blood and latex skin.
  • Unrated due to extreme graphic content.



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