Soultaker (1990)


The movie Soultaker (1990) is a supernatural horror film directed by Michael Rissi and starring Joe Estevez, Vivian Schilling, and Gregg Thomsen. It follows a group of friends who must defeat the evil Soultaker demon collecting their souls.

The movie Soultaker (1990) opens with a group of teenagers getting into a fatal car accident. They find themselves stuck in limbo between life and death, with a mysterious figure called the Soultaker hunting them. The Soultaker is a demon who collects souls, and he has come for theirs. Led by Carrie Rieger, the friends try to escape the afterlife and stop the Soultaker.

Carrie encounters two angels who explain that the Soultaker was once human but made a deal with the devil for eternal life. The only way to stop him is to reunite his soul with his still-living body. After confrontations where some of the friends’ souls are captured, Carrie succeeds in merging the Soultaker with his original body, destroying him. The teens’ souls are then freed to move on.


  • Vivian Schilling as Carrie Rieger
  • Gregg Thomsen as Rob Kerner
  • Joe Estevez as The Soultaker
  • Kayla Lockridge as Jass
  • Robert Z’Dar as Flagg


  • Filmed in Houston, Texas
  • Premiered on the USA Network in 1990
  • Director Michael Rissi also edited the film
  • Special effects by Mark Rappaport



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