Spasms (1983)


The movie Spasms (1983) revolves around a college psychologist who discovers a dangerous new species of giant snake while conducting research in the Micronesian islands.

Spasms (1983) follows billionaire Jason Kincaid who has a psychic link with a deadly giant taipan snake after being bitten by it. He has the snake captured and transported to his estate to sever their mental connection.

However, a satanic cult wants to steal the snake for worship. The cult sends assassin Warren Crowley, who causes the snake to escape from a research lab where it was being held. The giant snake goes on a rampage, attacking a sorority house and others nearby.

Psychiatrist Tom Brasilian uses Kincaid’s link to track the snake. But at Kincaid’s mansion, the snake kills Crowley and others despite Kincaid’s efforts to stop it. The visions overwhelm Kincaid and the snake fatally strikes him.

Brasilian and Kincaid’s niece Suzanne arrive, destroying the giant snake. But Kincaid perishes, finally severed from the deadly psychic connection that haunted him.


  • Oliver Reed as Tom Brazil
  • Peter Fonda as Dick Gatley
  • Alison Routledge as Dr. Brice Tomlinson
  • Kirstie Foster as Valerie Whitmore
  • Basil Hoffman as Dr. Tom Brasier


The film marked Oliver Reed’s final leading role in a theatrical feature.

Director William Fruet also made Funeral Home and Killer Party.

The crew blew up a real boathouse for a scene in the movie.


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