Spiders (2000)


The movie Spiders (2000) is a science fiction horror film directed by Gary Jones. It follows a space shuttle crew that returns to Earth carrying a sinister alien cargo – a horde of mutant killer spiders.

After obtaining a satellite from a Soviet space station, the shuttle crew discovers a dormant alien spider egg in one of the satellite’s compartments. On the return trip to Earth, the monstrous eight-legged creatures hatch and begin attacking the astronauts. The shuttle crash lands in the woods near a small California town, unleashing the mutant spiders.

Led by Captain Alex Stevenson, the surviving shuttle members team up with local sheriff and animal control officer to contain the spiders. However, the creatures quickly overrun the town, spinning deadly webs and reproducing at an exponential rate. With the death toll rising, Alex and the sheriff race to destroy the spider Queen before her progeny consume the entire town and spread further.

The movie Spiders (2000) culminates with Alex crashing a fuel truck into the spider Queen’s nest and blowing it up.


  • Lana Parrilla as Captain Alex Stevenson
  • Douglas Roberts as Deputy Hector Garner
  • J.D. Evermore as Wrangler
  • Leon Rippy as Petrie
  • Tom Noonan as Dr. Greer


  • Filmed on location around Los Angeles
  • Made on a modest budget of $10 million
  • CGI was used only minimally for the spiders
  • Director Gary Jones worked regularly in sci-fi horror


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