Spiral (2000)


The movie Spiral (2000), also known as Uzumaki, is a Japanese horror film directed by Higuchinsky. It is based on the manga series Uzumaki by Junji Ito. The film follows residents of a small town becoming increasingly obsessed with spirals, leading to horrific consequences.

Teenager Kirie Goshima begins noticing strange occurrences involving spirals, such as her father staring into spiralling pottery. More townsfolk become fixated on spirals, including a man who continuously walks in circles until dying and another who kills himself by wrapping his body in a spiral web. Kirie’s boyfriend Shuichi also begins experiencing spiral visions.

As the town’s spiral obsession strengthens, more disturbing events occur. A snail infestation plagues the streets. Bodies are discovered twisted into spiral shapes. Panic and madness descend as Kirie and Shuichi try to escape while the town becomes consumed by the supernatural curse.

The movie Spiral (2000) culminates in the remaining townsfolk mutating into snails and mindlessly walking in circles. Kirie and Shuichi attempt to escape but are followed by a giant spiralling vortex implied to be the source of the curse. The ending leaves their fates ambiguous as the spiral curse lives on.


  • Eriko Hatsune as Kirie Goshima
  • Fhi Fan as Shuichi Saito
  • Keiko Takahashi as Yukie Saito
  • Shin Eun-kyung as Chie Maruyama
  • Ren Osugi as Tsumura


  • Based on a manga that partly inspired the Ring franchise
  • Uses elaborate practical effects instead of CGI
  • Director Higuchinsky often works in Japanese horror (J-Horror)
  • Screened at several international film festivals


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