Splatter University (1984)


The movie Splatter University (1984) is a low-budget slasher film directed by Richard W. Haines and starring Forbes Riley, Ric Randig, and Dick Biel[3]. The film follows the story of Julie Parker, a sociology instructor who begins teaching at a private college. However, her new teaching duties are interrupted by the presence of a killer who is targeting students and faculty members[1].

As the movie progresses, Julie becomes increasingly paranoid and isolated, struggling to come to terms with the trauma of the murders and the identity of the killer. She seeks the help of a detective, Detective McCarthy, who tries to uncover the identity of the killer and prevent further murders[4].


  • Forbes Riley as Julie Parker
  • Ric Randig as Detective McCarthy
  • Dick Biel as Father Janson
  • Kathy LaCommare as Mary Riggs
  • Laura Gold as Linda


  • The movie was directed by Richard W. Haines, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Michael Cunningham and John Elias Michalakis.
  • Splatter University was distributed by Troma Entertainment.
  • The film was shot in 1982 but not released until 1984.



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