Strange Behavior (1981)


The movie Strange Behavior (1981), also known as Dead Kids, is a science fiction horror film directed by Michael Laughlin. The plot is set in a small American town where a series of mysterious murders occur [1]. The movie follows the investigation led by John Brady, a police officer played by Michael Murphy, who discovers a connection between the victims and a behavioral research program at the local university [1]. As John delves deeper into the case, he uncovers a shocking secret experiment that involves mind control and the manipulation of human behavior.

The movie Strange Behavior (1981) explores themes of science gone wrong, government conspiracy, and the ethical implications of human experimentation. As John gets closer to the truth, he becomes a target of the sinister forces behind the research program.


  • Michael Murphy as John Brady
  • Louise Fletcher as Barbara Moorehead
  • Dan Shor as Pete Brady
  • Fiona Lewis as Gwen Parkinson
  • Arthur Dignam as Dr. Le Sange
  • Dey Young as Caroline


  • Strange Behavior is also known as Dead Kids [1].
  • The film was shot in New Zealand and was part of a series of films known as the “New Zealand Splatter” genre [1].
  • Strange Behavior was released in 1981 and gained a cult following for its unique blend of horror and science fiction [1].



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