Strange Invaders (1983)


The movie Strange Invaders (1983) is a comedic sci-fi film about aliens infiltrating a small Midwestern town.

In 1958, the rural town of Centerville saw all of its residents mysteriously disappear overnight, leaving it a ghost town. Twenty-five years later, a university professor passes through Centerville and finds it oddly populated again.

The movie Strange Invaders (1983) follows the professor investigating the town’s peculiar residents. He discovers they are extraterrestrials disguised as humans who kidnapped and replaced the original townsfolk in 1958. The aliens plan to use Centerville as a breeding ground to take over Earth.

When the aliens realize the professor knows their secret, they pursue him as he attempts to flee the town. He soon encounters a wounded alien in the woods who explains she is one of the kidnapped townspeople held hostage by the invaders.

In the climax, the aliens’ plot is foiled when government agents arrive and raid the town, forcing the extraterrestrials’ spaceships to evacuate. The movie Strange Invaders (1983) ends with order restored after the alien infiltration is defeated.


  • Paul Le Mat as Charles Bigelow
  • Diana Scarwid as Margaret Newman
  • Michael Lerner as Ned Valentine
  • Louise Fletcher as Mrs. Benjamin
  • Fiona Lewis as Dr. Tracy


The movie pays homage to 1950s sci-fi films like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

It was written by Bill Condon who went on to direct Gods and Monsters.

The production had a budget of $5 million.


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