Strangler vs. Strangler (1984)


The movie Strangler vs. Strangler (1984) follows Pera Mitić, Belgrade’s first serial killer in the 1980s. Mitić is an awkward man who sells carnations and is abused by his aging mother. After he murders girls who refuse to buy his flowers, inspector Ognjen Strahinjić tries to catch him.

Mitić becomes a cult icon after rockstar Spiridon Kopicl records a hit song dedicated to the killer. Obsessed, Kopicl pursues radio host Sofija but Mitić attacks her first. Sofija survives by biting Mitić’s ear before Kopicl takes credit as a hero.

On their honeymoon, Kopicl strangles Sofija as Mitić secretly watches. Seeking revenge, Mitić confronts Kopicl who hangs Mitić after a struggle. Kopicl avoids suspicion by pinning the murders on the now dead Mitić.

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