Student Bodies (1981)


The movie Student Bodies (1981) is a parody slasher film directed by Mickey Rose. It satirizes the popular slasher horror genre of the time, including films like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Prom Night. The film follows a serial killer known as “the Breather” who stalks and kills students at Lamab High School.

The Breather, always breathing heavily, enjoys voyeuristically watching the students and stalking them over the telephone. The killer has a particular aversion to teenagers engaging in sexual activities. The Breather uses unconventional objects, such as a paper clip, a chalkboard eraser, and a horsehead bookend, to carry out the murders.

The movie Student Bodies (1981) features a body count that is superimposed onscreen whenever a death occurs, adding a comedic element to the horror. As the killings escalate, the students at Lamab High School become increasingly aware of the Breather’s presence and set out to confront the mysterious killer.

The film blends humor and horror as it parodies the tropes and conventions of slasher films. It offers a tongue-in-cheek take on the genre, with exaggerated characters and comedic situations.


  • Kristen Riter as Toby
  • Matthew Goldsby as Hardy
  • Richard Brando as Mr. Dumpkin
  • Joe Flood as Charles Ray
  • Mimi Weddell as Miss Mumsley
  • Joe Talarowski as Principal Peters


  • Student Bodies (1981) was the first film to satirize the slasher film genre, paving the way for future horror-comedy films.
  • The film features a unique comedic element with the onscreen body count, providing a running tally of the deaths as they occur.
  • Student Bodies remains a cult classic and is known for its quirky humor and self-awareness.



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