Sweet Sixteen (1983)


The movie Sweet Sixteen (1983) is set in a small Texas town and follows teenager Melissa Morgan who moves there with her family. Melissa soon attracts the attention of local boys which sets off a series of murders.

Melissa meets and goes on dates with two local boys, Johnny and Tommy, who are each stabbed to death by an unknown killer after being with her. Suspicion falls on Native American man Jason Longshadow who works with Melissa’s father.

However, other murders occur including an elderly Native American man Greyfeather. Melissa’s friend Marci starts connecting the deaths. Meanwhile, it is revealed Melissa’s mother is actually her disturbed aunt Tricia who killed Melissa’s real mom.

On Melissa’s 16th birthday, she is attacked by two drunken men but the killer murders them. Marci discovers Melissa’s mother Joanne is catatonic and tries stabbing her. Before killing herself, Tricia reveals she had been posing as Joanne for years.

The movie Sweet Sixteen (1983) ends with police recovering the bodies as Melissa walks inside alone, concealing a bloody knife. She is deeply disturbed after learning the truth about her family.


  • Susan Strasberg as Tricia Morgan
  • Bo Svenson as Sheriff Dan Burke
  • Patrick Macnee as John Morgan
  • Aleisa Shirley as Marci Burke
  • Don Stroud as Jason Longshadow


The screenplay was written by director Jim Sotos and his wife Virginia Kellogg.

The movie was filmed on location in Texas including the towns of Marble Falls and Burnet.

It was Susan Strasberg’s final theatrical film role.


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