Syngenor (1990)


The movie Syngenor (1990) is a sci-fi horror film directed by George Elanjian Jr. and starring David Gale, Starr Andreeff, and Mitchell Laurence. It follows a biotech company’s creation of deadly mutant creatures called Syngenors.

The movie Syngenor (1990) opens with mega-corporation Staniland Biotech developing the Syngenors as bio-weapons designed to eliminate pests and weeds. When a scientist is killed after discovering they are experimenting on human embryos, he releases the Syngenors into the building before dying. The building goes into lockdown with a small group trapped inside.

The reptilian humanoid Syngenors start multiplying and attacking the remaining scientists and security guards. Ethan Valentine, nephew of the Staniland CEO, is also trapped in the building and teams up with PR staffer Susan after finding his uncle dead. As the vicious Syngenors hunt them through the locked down building, Ethan and Susan must find a way to destroy them before they escape into the city.


  • David Gale as Carter Brown
  • Starr Andreeff as Susan
  • Mitchell Laurence as Ethan Valentine
  • Lewis Arquette as Dr. David Wingate
  • Kathleen Kinmont as Bonnie


  • Also known as Syngenor: The Evolved in some regions.
  • Creature effects by Mark Shostrom.
  • Filmed in Los Angeles on a budget of $1 million.
  • Rated R for horror violence, gore and language.



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