Terror Tract (2000)


The movie Terror Tract (2000) is a horror anthology film consisting of three stories tied together by a wraparound narrative. It was directed by Lance W. Dreesen and Clint Hutchison.

The movie begins with a couple looking to buy a house in a nice suburban neighborhood. The real estate agent shows them the centerpiece home on Terror Tract, where every owner has met a horrible fate. She presents them with a contract stipulating they must stay in the house overnight before deciding to buy.

As night falls, the couple discovers a DVD with three tales of terror recorded by the previous owners. The first involves a murderous clown doll, the second a mutant killer cat, and the third a housewife who snaps and butchers her family. After each story, the real estate agent appears to warn them of the danger they face spending the night in the house.

The movie Terror Tract (2000) ends with the couple unable to leave the house after witnessing the horrific stories.


  • John Ritter as Bob Carter
  • Bryan Cranston as Grady Olsen
  • Will Estes as Mark Evans
  • Jenna Jameson as Girl
  • Carol Kane as Donna Rainie


  • John Ritter also produced the film
  • Premiered on Showtime Cable Networks
  • Each story was written and directed by different crew members
  • Filmed on location in Los Angeles


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