Terror Train (1980)


The movie Terror Train (1980) is a slasher film directed by Roger Spottiswoode. The story takes place on New Year’s Eve, where a group of pre-medical school students decides to celebrate aboard a moving train. As the train travels through the night, a masked killer begins targeting the students one by one.

The movie Terror Train (1980) follows the escalating tension and fear as the students realize they are trapped on the train with a murderer. The killer wears different disguises and steals the victims’ costumes..

The movie Terror Train (1980) combines elements of mystery, horror, and suspense.


  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Alana Maxwell
  • Ben Johnson as Carne
  • Hart Bochner as Doc Manley
  • Sandee Currie as Mitchy
  • David Copperfield as The Magician


  • Terror Train (1980) marked the directorial debut of Roger Spottiswoode.
  • The film was released by 20th Century Fox, which provided an extensive marketing campaign for the movie.
  • Terror Train (1980) features a cameo appearance by renowned magician David Copperfield.



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