The Alien Dead (1980)


The movie The Alien Dead (1980) is an American independent low-budget horror film directed by Fred Olen Ray. The story revolves around a group of people who are faced with a terrifying situation after a meteorite crashes into a houseboat filled with partygoers. The impact of the meteorite causes the dead to rise as zombies, known as the “alien dead,” who begin to roam the swamps and prey on the unsuspecting residents[5].

As the alien dead lurk in the swamps, the elderly become their primary targets. The survivors must band together and find a way to escape the clutches of the undead creatures before they too fall victim to their insatiable hunger[1]. The movie The Alien Dead (1980) combines elements of science fiction and horror, similar to other films such as Night of the Creeps (1986)[2].


  • Buster Crabbe
  • Ray Roberts
  • Linda Lewis
  • George Kelsey
  • Mike Bonavia


  • The Alien Dead (1980) was filmed in Florida on a shoestring budget of $12,000[4].
  • The film features actor Buster Crabbe, known for his roles in various films and serials, in one of his last appearances[6].



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