The Ambulance (1990)


The movie The Ambulance (1990) is a horror thriller directed by Larry Cohen and starring Eric Roberts, James Earl Jones, and Megan Gallagher. It follows an artist investigating a mysterious ambulance service kidnapping people.

The movie The Ambulance (1990) opens with comic book artist Josh Baker meeting a young woman named Cheryl out on the streets of New York City. Suddenly Cheryl collapses and is quickly picked up by a speeding ambulance before Josh can help. Suspicious, Josh reports his concerns to the police but they dismiss him.

Obsessed with figuring out what happened to Cheryl, Josh investigates the shady ambulance service himself. He discovers the ambulance is run by a doctor experimenting on patients, using the vehicle to covertly abduct people. Teaming up with — Detective Spencer, Josh risks his life tracking down the ambulance and stopping the doctor’s twisted experiments.

After clashes with the doctor’s dangerous henchmen, Josh finally locates the ambulance hideout. He rescues Cheryl but must pursue the ambulance through New York streets. The climax involves Josh destroying the ambulance, killing the doctor and saving potential victims from the evil operation.


  • Eric Roberts as Josh Baker
  • James Earl Jones as Lt. Spencer
  • Megan Gallagher as Cheryl
  • Red Buttons as Elijah
  • Janine Turner as Jane


  • Director Larry Cohen made it as a tribute to 1950s B-movies.
  • Filmed guerrilla-style on the streets of New York.
  • Eric Roberts performed many of his own stunts.
  • Rated PG-13 for violence and some language.



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