The Attic (1980)


The movie The Attic (1980) is a psychological horror drama film directed by George Edwards. The story revolves around Louise Elmore, a librarian who dedicates her life to caring for her wheelchair-bound and controlling father, Wendel. After being stood up at the altar, Louise becomes increasingly isolated and emotionally fragile.

One day, Louise befriends her co-worker Emily Perkins, who gives her a pet monkey as a gift. Inspired by Emily’s friendship, Louise begins to make changes in her life. However, secrets from her past and the oppressive presence of her father continue to haunt her.

As Louise’s mental state deteriorates, she starts to have vivid and disturbing hallucinations. She becomes obsessed with the idea of causing the deaths of those who have wronged her. The movie The Attic (1980) delves into Louise’s descent into madness and the blurred lines between reality and her delusions.

Desperate to break free from her father’s control, Louise decides to search the house for her father’s hidden cache of money, intending to run away. In her search, she discovers a key to the home’s attic, which has long been locked and boarded. Curiosity gets the better of her, and she enters the attic, inadvertently locking herself inside.

In the attic, Louise uncovers the shocking truth about her father’s dark secrets. She finds the decomposed remains of Robert, a man who was murdered by her father, as well as the body of Dickie, another victim..


  • Carrie Snodgress as Louise Elmore
  • Ray Milland as Wendel Elmore
  • Ruth Cox as Emily Perkins
  • Frances Bay as Mrs. Callahan
  • Marion Charles as Mrs. Perkins


– The movie The Attic (1980) is a psychological horror drama film directed by George Edwards[2].

– The film explores themes of isolation, control, and the descent into madness[2].

– The Attic (1980) is also known as “The Hidden Room”[2].



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